Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library is to provide library services to the residents of Vinton County. The mission statement includes the following roles:

  • To feature current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats, including electronic access, for persons of all ages, to encourage lifelong learning;
  • To encourage children to develop an interest in reading and learning through service to children and for parents and children together;
  • To assist students of all ages in meeting educational objectives established in their course of study; and
  • To provide timely, accurate and useful information to community residents.

As part of its mission, the library provides and promotes open access to reading, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and informational resources that foster and enrich diversity.  In fulfilling this mission, the library strives to acquire materials, plan programs, and provide services that reflect an understanding and consideration of the community it serves.