Download e-Books

To download e-books, stop by the library and make certain you have an active and updated library card, pick up a brochure detailing downloading procedures, and then browse the collection at to check-out materials.

You will need to download and install free software to listen and read your digital materials. Instructions on how to do this are available at the library or by visiting Digital materials can then be transferred to many portable devices, including eReaders such as the nook™, Sony® Reader™, iPods, and MP3 and WMA players. Materials can also be downloaded directly to mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Blackberry, and Android devices by using OverDrive Media Console Apps! Titles automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so there are no late fees! With hundreds of popular fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from, the new collection is guaranteed to have something for everyone. You can download best-selling novels, well-known classics, fiction, non-fiction, and much more.  

Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library has been offering eBooks, audiobooks, music and video by download through the Ohio Digital Library to its patrons since November 30, 2011. The Ohio Digital Library is a large consortium of Ohio libraries that provides downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, music and video to library patrons. Launched in 2005, this statewide project helps libraries provide these services at a considerable savings. As of January 2012, more than 100,000 library patrons have enjoyed the Ohio Digital Library holdings. The holdings include over thirty-one thousand copies of more than nineteen thousand individual titles.

You can also find free e-books at Project Gutenberg, which offers over 45,000 free e-books to download or read online.